The Ordinary Colours Serum Foundation Review

The Ordinary Colours Serum Foundation

The Ordinary Colours Serum Foundation is part of a launch of two foundations by Deceim‘s brand The Ordinary, which have literally taken the beauty world by storm (at one point there was a waiting list of over 25,000). Although a lot of people seem to favour the Coverage Foundation, which is pigment-rich and offers more coverage, I find myself leaning towards the Serum Foundation during the past summer months, because it is more lightweight and gives a more skin-like and natural finish.

As the name suggests, the Serum Foundation has a serum-like and very watery texture, which literally melts into the skin and blends like a dream. Despite being lightweight, the serum foundation offers a very decent medium coverage, which should be sufficient if you have good skin or even if you have a few minor blemishes (with the help of a good concealer of course).

The serum foundation comes in a small 30ml pump bottle, and at a ridiculously affordable price of £6, which is even cheaper than most drugstore foundations. But don’t let the price tag fools you into thinking that the quality can’t be that great, because The Ordinary operates under the premise that skincare should be simple, effective, and ‘affordable’, and this foundation is definitely a proof of that.

The serum foundation comes in a very wide choice of 21 shades, and cater for different undertones; Yellow (Y), Neutral (N), and Red (R), which means you will definitely find a shade that perfectly matches you. There are also some shades which have additional gold particles (G) and offer a more glowy finish.

I’m in the colour 2.0 (YG), which is slightly too light for me in the summer, but I chose it because of the glow factor (G) which is not on offer in the 2.1 shade. So because of the additional glow, the finish of this foundation for me is very brightening and makes my skin looks dewy and healthy, which I love. For the regular shades without the additional (G), I have read other reviews saying that they still offer a beautiful natural satin finish.

Because the formula of this serum foundation is very liquid and easy to blend, it seems to work really well with most makeup applicators; brush, beauty blender (or a makeup sponge), or even with your fingers. My favourite way to apply this foundation however is with a beauty blender, which gives such a perfect and flawless result everytime.

Finally when it comes to lasting power, this serum foundation still hasn’t failed to impress. It lasts extremely well and I notice it seems to look even better as the day goes on and it has time to adjust to your skin.

Overall The Ordinary Serum Foundation is a winner for me in every sense of the word. It has a long-lasting formula that delivers a beautiful, natural, and healthy-looking skin, at a price that is affordable to everyone. I’m now excited to try the Coverage Foundation, which I’m sure will be great for the upcoming autumn/winter.

Have you tried The Ordinary foundations? Which do you prefer?


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