Chantecaille Just Skin Review

Chantecaille Just Skin

Today’s product is something I’d been coveted for the longest time. Chantecaille is one of the premium makeup brands with a price tag to prove, and the product in question today is Chantecaille Just Skin Tinted Moisturiser SPF 15, which retails at a whopping price of £61 (price seems to have gone up from when it was first launched a few years ago at £55). The rather ridiculous price tag was the main reason why I held out from buying this product for so long; I just couldn’t justified spending that kind of money on a tinted moisturiser. Despite the steep price everybody seems to be raving endlessly about it, so recently I decided to bite the bullet and find out once and for all what the fuss was all about.

What I notice immediately is that Chantecaille Just Skin definitely offers more coverage than your standard tinted moisturiser. I would say the coverage is medium and buildable. But the beauty of Chantecaille Just Skin, as the name suggests, is that despite the amount of coverage it can give, it still feels very lightweight as if it is just your skin and hardly anything else. Chantecaille Just Skin has a slightly thicker, gel-like texture that can be easily applied and blended with your hand (like a moisturiser). It’s the thicker and more pigmented consistency that gives greater coverage and also makes your skin appear more polished. Another thing I notice immediately is the amount of luminosity and glow that Just Skin can give, and it is this beautiful finish of a naturally healthy radiant skin that truly reflects its worth in my opinion. Just Skin is definitely catered for people who prefer a natural look. It doesn’t come in a massive range of shades but it seems to colour adapt really well to the skin. I’m in the shade ‘Glow’, which seems to go on too light at first but once I blend it in to the skin the shade really adapts perfectly to my skin tone.

Chantecaille Just Skin comes packaged in a handy and travel-friendly tube, but very well-designed, sturdy, and not prone to uncontrollable spillage (unlike most tube packaged products that tend to spill and get messy easily). I think personally this product is unique and beautiful enough for me to cough up £61 for it (but again I am a crazy lady when it comes to beauty and makeup!) Something else similar that I can think of would be Nars’ and Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturisers, if you feel the Chantecaille’s price point is too high for your budget. But if you really crave a unique formula that will give you a beautiful healthy skin-like effect, then I promise that Chantecaille Just Skin will be worth your while.


Louis Vuitton Neverfull Monogram Rose Ballerine

Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM monogram rose ballerine

Today I have another handbag reveal and mini review for your reading pleasure. I was lucky enough to have been given the classic Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM for my birthday at the beginning of this month. I am a massive fan of the LV Neverfull because, as the name suggests, it’s practically a Mary Poppin bag, where you can pretty much throw in an entire contents of your house and the bag is still not full! I actually already own one (also in monogram canvas but with the original beige lining), which has lasted me 6 years and I’ve literally used it to death. Anyone who owns a Neverfull will agree with me that it’s probably one of the most practical bag around, not to mention the classic design makes it so versatile, easy-to-use, and suits any occasion.

Loius Vuitton Neverfull Monogram Rose Ballerine

Louis Vuitton Neverfull Rose Ballerine

This year Louis Vuitton launched a new version of the iconic Neverfull. The interior has been redesigned with fresh textile lining and heritage details, and now comes in a selection of gorgeous colourful shades. The Monogram canvas has a selection of four different interior shades; Pivione (a bright deep fuchsia pink), Rose Ballerine (a soft baby pink), Beige (which is the original lining shade), and Cherry (a bright red). You can also get the Rose Ballerine shade in Damier Azur canvas, which I think is also a unique and gorgeous combination.

As you can see from the photos, my new Neverfull is in the beautiful Rose Ballerine shade, which I could not be more happy with. Pink is one of my favourite colours anyway and I just think it adds a very chic and special touch to the timeless Monogram canvas.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull Monogram canvas rose ballerine

Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM monogram rose ballerine

Another addition to the new version, and probably the best feature of all, is the removeable zippered clutch bag that can be carried separately or use as an extra pochette for makeup or anything else that you need extra room for. The clutch bag has a matching interior lining and makes the Neverfull, in my opinion, even more practical and more enjoyable to use.

The Neverfull MM currently retails for £795, and to me it is worth every single penny. It is everything a great bag should be; capacious but not bulky, structured but still supple, suits a casual day, a work day or even a formal occasion, it is without a doubt my all time favourite, trusty, go-to bag. I think the Neverfull MM can be a great bag to start off a designer collection, and will be well worth your investment. Even if you already own a few designer handbags, the Neverfull is still one of a must-have iconic piece that will never go out of style, and something you will get a lot of use out of because of its durability and timeless design.


Prada Double Bag: reveal and mini review 

Prada Double Bag

As my boyfriend was going away on a business trip and would miss my upcoming birthday :( he kindly took me out shopping for an early birthday present. There was no guessing game there; we went straight to the Prada store in Westfield and got me a gift that I had been lusting after for months; the much coveted Prada Double Bag.

I’ve always been a Prada gal. I love the elegant simplicity of the brand compare to the sometimes flashy OTT designs of other rival brands out there. To me Prada defines elegance and femininity to a tee and I’ve always admired how they’ve kept true to their simple design.

Prada Double Bag

I had my mind set on getting the black colour with red interior but once we got to the store I did get a little swayed because they were a few colours available and all of them were gorgeous. In the end though the shop assistant did affirm my original preference and I ended up getting the black one because it’s just the most practical and even though black can be plain, the red interior does spruce things up a notch. I had also never owned a plain black bag before and my collection of handbags are mostly colourful so black seems to be a good choice.

The Double Bag comes in three sizes; large, medium and small. Because I wanted a holdall functional bag, the small one was immediately ruled out. The medium and the large are visually ‘very very’ similar and I could hardly tell the difference in size. I would say the medium one is a bit more boxy and structured (and a teeny bit smaller) while the large one looks more like a shopper tote. The medium also comes with a shoulder strap that you can hook to the inside of the bag and strangely enough, just because of that it is more expensive. The price in a way decided it for me and I went for the large one because I know I will never use the shoulder strap that comes with the medium bag and what’s the point of getting a bag that is ‘technically’ smaller but is more expensive because it comes with a feature that I won’t use.

Inside the bag there are 3-ish compartments. I said 3-ish because the middle compartment, which has a magnetic closure, is very small and will only fit a phone or a small coin purse or a small wallet. But that doesn’t really bother me much because the other two compartments are very roomy and I will be able to fit everything I need in this bag, even my Macbook.

Overall I can not be happier with my gift. I absolutely adore this bag because it is very functional but still a fashionable piece that is classy and timeless and I know I will cherish and enjoy for many years to come. The one downside is that this bag does get quite heavy and if you put too many things in it can really strain your arm and shoulder. So for me this is not a bag I would take with when I want to go out and do some serious shopping the whole day because the idea of having to carry this bag plus all the shopping bags would kill me. But it is great for jus day to day, going to work or going out for lunch or dinner.

Is there a handbag that you currently have an eye on?