Nars Orgasm Blush Liquid VS Powder

Nars Orgasm Liquid Blush

Nars Orgasm Blush needs no introduction. It’s probably one of the most famous beauty items of all time, owned and loved by all beauty enthusiasts and makeup artists alike. It was one of the first blushes that I’d ever purchased, and remained one of my everyday holy grail for years. So when the liquid version of my all time favourite blusher came out a decade or so later, I knew I couldn’t pass it up.

Nars Orgasm Liquid Blush comes in a small, travel-friendly size bottle with a pump (I find the logic of having a pump for a blusher but not for a foundation quite bemusing!). It has a new formula that is very pigmented but also very blendable and melts right into your skin. The texture is very watery and so the pump applicator is a bit of an annoying feature because 1. you don’t really need even half of what the pump dispenses, 2. the product runs down the back of your hand and can get messy pretty easily. Little goes a very long way (hence the mention earlier about the pump being a counter-productive feature), and you need just a tiny dab on each cheek to give you a beautiful soft pink, natural-looking sheen.

Nars Orgasm swatches

There are a few noticeable differences between the new liquid version and the original powder version (apart from the obvious fact that they come in a completely different form of course!). The original Nars Orgasm powder blush is a peachy pink tone, whereas the liquid blush appears more pink with less peachy, coral undertone. The original powder blush also has more shimmer and gives a lot more glow to the skin, whereas the liquid version has a very muted, subtle shimmer that doesn’t really show up on my skin.

Overall I still prefer the original version because I think the colour (pink and peach combined) tends to suit almost everyone and I love that it’s a blusher and highlighter all in one product. The liquid version is still beautiful but I would prefer to use it on a low key day, when I want my makeup to look more natural.

Have you tried the new Nars Orgasm liquid blush? Do you prefer the powder or the liquid version?